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SWM TL320 (1980)

Latest update : 4 April 2010.

My original SWM, a metal tank 1980 280cc, with a black frame.

Articles in this section

  • Digging out the SWM TL320

    4 April 2010, by Malcolm Herbert

    Dug the TL320 SWM out of the shed in order to have a look at it and decide on next steps.

  • Modifying the electrics

    1 January 2010, by Malcolm Herbert

    Finally got round to moving the condensor on the SWM
    After frying yet another condensor at the Stump Wood Hill Climb, thought it was finally time to move.
    Like a lot of points-based bikes seem to mount the condensor between charging coil and the points, that is behind the flywheel, otherwise known as the hottest and least accessible place on the bike.
    Watching the clip of the 1968 Scottish (on the the Duke 6 from the Scottish DVD), it shows Sammy Miller in-prep with two condensors and (...)

  • Dusting it off.....

    5 November 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    Getting the SWM fired up after a 12 month gap, for the WG&DF hill climb at Rockfield
    Not ridden much in the way of trials in the last few months so decided to have a fun afternoon out at the West Glos & Dean Forest club Stump Wood hill climb. The night before I decided to fire up the SWM, rather than use the Beta, which wasn’t going to like powering up hills quite so much.
    It took five or six kicks of (a non-slipping) kickstart to get it up and running and then carefully pointing (...)